Real Estate Litigation

We can assist you with your real estate disputes and lawsuits. Our practice entails representing tenants, landlords, owners, buyers and developers in connection with disputes involving:

■  Real property sales contracts
■  Commercial leasing
■  Easements and rights-of-way
■  Multifamily residential properties
■  Disability access

Real Property Sales Contracts

We represent both buyers and sellers of real property. We can assist buyers enforce real property sales contracts and obtain specific performance to compel the seller to commit to transferring their property. Specific performance is a legal remedy in which a buyer can go to court to force the seller who violates a sales contract to transfer ownership of the property to the buyer. Specific performance is common in real property sales contracts because, under California Civil Code § 3387, land and real estate is presumed to be unique. In contrast to most contract disputes, where the winning side is entitled to receive money damages, in real estate disputes, there is a greater change that the other side can be forced to take a specific action. This is one reason why real estate litigation can be especially effective. Our practice is focused on commercial real estate, multi-unit dwellings, and property acquired for investment purposes.

Commercial Leases

We can assist you with any issues you may have when a threatened or actual dispute arises with your commercial lease. Litigation concerning commercial leases is common as changing economic conditions make it necessary for businesses to reevaluate their location needs. In addition, we can engage in alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration where the lease provides for such methods to resolve lease disputes. Often leases are executed with a poor understanding of the effect of essential provisions. Moreover, changes in law can alter definitions regarding the amount of rent that is due creating disputes between tenants and landlords. When these types of disputes arise, we can negotiate on your behalf to protect your interests.

Tenant Litigation

We can also assist commercial tenants enforce provisions in their lease such as improvement agreements. These provisions are often as important as the rental rate and the lease term. We can assist with the enforcement of various improvement agreements where:

The landlord constructs the base building and interior improvements for the tenants; or
The tenant constructs the base building and all interior improvements with the landlord reimbursing the tenant for the costs expended.


We have substantial experience in litigating eviction cases and can assist both tenants and landlords in unlawful detainers concerning commercial properties. Evictions can arise not only from a failure to timely tender the rent due, but also through other violations of lease provisions such as not engaging in the type of business that is specified in the lease.

To obtain more information about how we may be to assist you in connection with any potential or actual disputes relating to real estate litigation in the Los Angeles area, please contact the Law Office of Michael Chung at 213-700-0198.